Test 6 conducted by the CSIRO Department of Fire Safety Engineering.
Melbourne, Australia.

Test 6 was conducted inside the room enclosure. The test was on a new intact mattress (Specimen FE2715a). The mattress had a grey Natritex fiber based lining and pink polyurethane foam. The mattress was placed in the rear right hand room corner. The mattress was folded in half and wedged between the wall and a steel frame to form an arch shape with a 1000 mm gap between the base of the arch. The crib was placed against the right had side of the mattress beneath the arch at floor level. The crib size was determined by an assessment of ignition sources available within a typical prison cell.

Crib Images

As evident in the above image the testing crib used by the CSIRO is considerably larger. The surface area is 6 times larger than crib 7 and 24 times larger then crib 5.

Natritex Fireguard III Mattress testing room setup

The image above shows the configuration of the testing room for test 6.

Natritex Fireguard III Mattress testing room setup

Fire is fully developed at 3min and 5s into the test highlighting the low smoke emission from the mattress.

Observations from test 6 preformed by the CSIRO.

Time-(min:sec) Time-(s) Observation
0:00 0 Test Start - Crib ignited on three sides then positioned at floor level against the right hand side of the mattress beneath arch.
2:00 120 The room exhaust fan activated.
2:20 140 The crib is fully alight.
3:10 190 Room video camera turned on. The crib fire is fully developed, HRR is approximately 22 kW. No significant ignition or flame spread on the mattress is observed.
7:20 440 The crib has burnt out. No flaming from the mattress is observed.
10:00 600 End the test.

Mattress weight before and after testing.

Mass before test (kg) 6.99 Mass after test (kg) 6.91 Mass consumed (kg) 0.08

Compression Test

compression testing

Compression testing to 25% of the mattress thickness 200,000 times, highlighting the stretch in the fabric. This is equivalent to sitting on the mattress 30 times a day for 18 years, the inner foam core was still within new foam hardness specifications the fabric and seam had no visible damage.

CSIRO Comparison of Natritex Fireguard III Mattress

Product on the left is a High-Tec PVC coated barrier fabric which passes BS7177 and the product on the right is Natritex Fireguard III in Test 5 and Test 6 conducted by the CSIRO.

How we compare

Heat Release Rate by Time (s)

Natritex Fireguard III Mattress illustration

Smoke measurement across exhaust duct by Time (s)

Natritex Fireguard III Mattress illustration